the attenborough

Sea Salt + Driftwood (240g)

An homage to the main man, Sir David Attenborough. A national treasure, permanent member of my dream dinner guest list and honorary Godfather to Gigi. Sir Attenborough, encapsulates an essence of true adventure, intellect, curiosity and all-round good egg-ness. We tried to capture just a glimpse of his spectrum of majesty in this candle. 

The scent is a mesmerising floral marine where refreshing notes of seaweed and green algae lie in cool rock pools livened by a fresh coastal breeze and enhanced by touches of cyclamen and water lily.  At the base of the fragrance, sparkling salt crusted driftwood is warmed by amber, patchouli and musk.⠀

We make each of our candles by hand using the finest ingredients for every step of the process. Our reusable containers are handmade in stainless steel + finished in copper. 

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