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Luxury Scented Candles - Our Story


At hope + frenchie we keep it simple. We love candles, we love the environment, and we love giving back. So we created a sustainable candle, and we share our profits with mothers2mothers to end paediatric AIDs.

We started small, making scented candles for friends and family. They liked them so much we started a company. Along the way there was a resounding theme. People love scented candles, but they didn’t like throwing away the containers. Be it the cost of rebuying or the increased waste, they wished companies would take back their containers and refill them. So we created a candle that solved that problem: the hope + frenchie eco friendly refillable candle.

You buy the container, and once you’ve finished your scented candle you simply refill it with another. Same container, new candle. A more sustainable path to luxury. One borrowed directly from mother nature herself.

Like our customers, we strive to be environmentally and socially conscious. We wanted philanthropy to be part of the very ethos of the company, and we were delighted to find the perfect partner in mothers2mothers. Therefore, every candle sold supports m2m’s work to end paediatric AIDs in Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s a cause we are very proud to support. We ask our candles to work hard, so we thought we should do the same.

Our luxury scented candles are handmade in London. We strive to source the very finest (one might even say regal) ingredients for every step of the process. Scents are carefully selected and combined to create unique perfumes that we hope will open your heart and inspire your soul. After all, Gigi does have the best nose in the business!

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