team hope + frenchie

the hope + the frenchie 

Camilla Hope Mason + Gigi the Frenchie founded hope + frenchie in 2018. Camilla is a Brit of Swedish + Australian descent, with a half American accent from years living in California. Gigi is a Brit of French descent. She is bilingual. Camilla loves her friends + family, sunny days, horse riding, cuddling dogs, telling people they're amazing, marketing, Dwayne Johnson + making candles. Gigi loves bones + being a scamp. Camilla couldn't have started hope + frenchie without the love, support + calculator of her wonderful boyfriend Iain. Gigi wouldn't get nearly as many bones if it wasn't for her daddy. 

the bruno 

Bruno Collins is Camilla's cousin. She is his favourite cousin. Bruno is very fancy. He is a video editor and motion graphics designer. He produces and works on short films. He loves film, theatre, quiet nights in front of a roaring fire with a candle burning watching a high brow movie. He loves his cousin. Bruno joined hope + frenchie when Camilla was struggling with the logo. He designed it. He has designed everything since. Bruno has philanthropy at his very core. One of his biggest passions is working with West End Bares for the MAD Trust. Bruno is amazing. 

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