the refillable candle

We created the concept of scented candle refills to promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly path to luxury. Our candle refills reduce unnecessary waste from discarded candle containers while saving you money on redundant packaging. 

To refill your Hope + Frenchie candle simply follow these directions:  

  1. Burn your Hope + Frenchie candle as usual (we hope you love it!). Safety always comes first so please follow our Candle Care + Safety guide. 
  2. When there's about 5mm left at the bottom of the candle, carefully extinguish the flame. Allow the candle to cool down fully. Place it in the freezer for 2-3 hours in a sealed bag to keep it dry. Does this sound strange? Trust us, it works! 
  3.  As the wax freezes it will become solid and contract away from the container. Take the container out of the freezer (you may already feel it rattling around in the container). Turn the container upside down and tap it gently onto firm, durable surface (a towel over a kitchen counter is perfect). The wax should fall right out. If the wax is being stubborn, you can try pulling on the wick or scooping it out with a spoon. 
  4. Wipe down your empty container with a dry paper towel, making sure there is no wax residue left. 
  5. Open your Hope + Frenchie candle refill, place it inside the container and ensure it is pushed down fully to the bottom (wick pointing up - but you knew that!). 
  6. Light your new scented candle and away you go! 

We make all our candles by hand, using the very finest ingredients for each step of the process. To see how we do it check out our candle making process. 

Hope + Frenchie candle refills have been designed to fit and burn in Hope + Frenchie candle containers. Do not burn candles refills outside of the container. It is not safe. Your safety is our top priority. Store candle refills in a cool, dry place. 

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