our customers

We could tell you all day about how much we love our candles, but it means more to hear it from our amazing customers. We put everything we have into making candles that we hope you'll love. So when you're happy, we're (so so so) happy.

Charlotte, ex-candle philanderer

I have a thing for candles.  I love the ritual of choosing a scent, unboxing it, lighting and watching as the flame takes hold and the wax begins to melt.  My love affair has meant I have tried many, many candles over the years without remaining faithful to any one scent or brand. So when my friend Camilla (h+f founder) began making her own candles and giving them to me to try, I was in heaven.  Most importantly, the scents were good - really good. Those early testers have evolved into the range of eight amazing fragrances hope + frenchie is launching with. The quality of the product together with the environmental and social responsibility demonstrated by the brand (refills and the association with mothers2mothers) means my candle philandering days are over.  In hope + frenchie, I have finally found The One.

Victoria, mulberry lover

I ❤ hope + frenchie candles. You smell the fragrance and are transported home or to a favourite holiday or a special memory. The story and image behind each scent is beautiful and takes you on a mini journey. Mulberry is my all time favourite and I always have one in the lounge. But I also love Fresh Linen for the kitchen to get rid of any cooking smells.

hope + frenchie candles are my go-to gifts and the rose gold holders add a touch of glamour. The fact that the holders are reusable is great too. I highly recommend them!

Kasia Bailey, Corporate Partnerships, mothers2mothers

We really appreciate the support from hope + frenchie and are looking forward to our partnership with them.  As well a beautiful gift, hope + frenchie candles support mothers2mothers with £1 from each sale donated to m2m. This money will help support our amazing Mentor Mothers who dedicate their lives to eliminating HIV by helping other mothers in their community.


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